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SMPTE-HK DVD Seminar (May 1997)

Date : May 13, 1997
Time : 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Subject : DVD Seminar
Reservation : 80
Attendance : 68
Location : Studio One, Broadcasting House of Radio Television Hong Kong
Guest Speaker : Mr. Sami F. Asfour
Company Affiliation : Minerva System Inc
Organized by : David Leung & Lo Wai Sing (SMPTE Hong Kong Section);
Raymond Lai (RTHK)
Description : Mr. Sami F. Asfour of Minerva System Inc, told us about the process of DVD premastering; comparisons; its playback time, video quality, CBR vs VBR, Multipass Encoding, Optimization of DVD and future trends of DVD. Finally, he demonstrated the DVD encoding and authoring tools.

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