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SMPTE-HK Site Visit of
Hong Kong Jockey Club


Session 1 : May 27, 1998
Session 2 : June 3, 1998


8:00pm - 10:00pm

Subject : Site Visit of Hong Kong Jockey Club


Session 1 : 14
Session 2 : 14


Session 1 : 10
Session 2 : 10

Location : Hong Kong Jockey Club Headquarters at Happy Valley
One Sports Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Assembly : Main lobby, Ground Floor at Hong Kong Jockey Club Headquarters
Guest Speaker : Mr. SL Wong, Systems Engineering Manager (I)
Company Affiliation : The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Project Leaders : Mr. David Leung, Mr. William Chan


Description : In May 27 & June 3, the Section organized a site visit to the Hong Kong Jockey Club Headquarters located in Happy Valley within the city boundary. Twenty members toured the facilities of its Video Control System and Video Patrol Control Center. They were given the opportunity to observe the operation of the control center while the racing events were taking place. Fifteen cameras set up around the race track provided the center with pictures of different angles. The center transmitted signals to the stadium which housed one thousand and five of television monitors and a 7m by 12m giant display and provided live feed to local television stations. The center also had an optical fiber link to another racetrack located in Shatin, 15 kilometers from the city, and provided a direct control of similar set up when the racing events took place there. Members also toured the Betting Operations Control Center which was capable offering a telephone-betting service to a half million customers.

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