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SMPTE-HK 4th Anniversary Dinner of SMPTE HK Section & Dolby Digital - Digital Audio System for TV Transmission Seminar (November 1998) 

Date : Nov 6, 1998
Time : 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Subject : 4th Anniversary Dinner of SMPTE Hong Kong Section
Attendance : 95
Location : New World Renaissance Hotel
Sponsor : Philips Digital Video Systems

Description : The fourth anniversary dinner party took place on November 6, 1998 at the New World Renaissance Hotel with the participation of 95 members and guests. K. L. Lam, Chairman of SMPTE Hong Kong Section, took this opportunity to brief members on the activities organized by the section in the past year. He reported that a local association registration for the section had been completed. Besides, a bank account had been set up to facilitate the transfer of funds from the headquarters. Moreover, the section also set up a home page on the Internet to provide members with a channel of communication and to make contact with professionals around the world. Mr. Lam also announced that SMPTE Hong Kong was in the process of organising a seminar on Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting which would be the major event for the first quarter of 1999. At present SMPTE Hong Kong Section had around 160 members and the number was growing. Membership Chairman had been actively involved in the recruitment of new members which included promotion campaigns in post secondary institutes to attract more student members. Representatives of Philips Digital Video Systems, the sponsor of the event, briefed members and guests on the latest developments of digital broadcasting in Europe with the demonstration of its LDK series of digital cameras and Integrated Receiver Decoder for in-home reception of satellite and free-to-air digital services.

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