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SMPTE-HK Introduction to Digital TV and MPEG Standards (9-10 August 2003)

"Introduction to Digital Television and MPEG Standards" is the first of the educational series planned for 2003. Xu Meng-Xia, a renowned lecturer from Peking University was invited to conduct the course and City University of Hong Kong supported the event by providing the venue and facilities.
During the two-day course Xu put emphasis on basic principles and concepts of digital television, MPEG compression techniques and the associated audio coding. He also gave a brief introduction to the three digital terrestrial television broadcasting systems and their latest developments in various countries. As regards China, the new standards are being formulated for the digital transmission for terrestrial and cable television and HDTV is expected to become popular in the major cities during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. However, reforms are needed to promote digital television. Xu predicted that people with a few​ programs in analog form would have the incentive to buy digital receivers if they could receive more than 30 free to air channels and with better picture quality. The poor might have quicker pace to make the transition to digital broadcasting. Despite amid the hot and muggy summer weekend, there were more than 70 members, guests and students in attendance, and the responses were enthusiastic. This prompts the Hong Kong Section to plan for another course in this educational series in the near future.

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