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SMPTE-HK 9th Annual Event (14 November 2003)

The theme of the annual event was digital cinema entitled "New Media Forum V: Digital Cinema." Sponsored by Ideal Systems Asia Pacific Ltd., the event was held at Theatre II of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre where a digital cinema projector was set up for this special occasion. Mr. K.L Lam, SMPTE Governor - Asia/Australia Region, gave an opening speech to more than two hundred members and guests who were keen to learn about the latest development in digital cinema. Mr. Parimal Answani, Deputy Chief Technology Officer of GDC, reported on the recent developments of digital cinema in China, India and other areas in Asia. Mr. Arthur Wong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers, shared his experience in HD shooting and showed audience both HD and equivalent 35mm film images for comparison. Mr. Shunichi Fujioka of Sony Corporation of Hong Kong briefed audience on the latest HD technology and state-of-the-art HD equipment. Mr. Phil Wu, Senior Sales Representative of Christie, introduced the 2K projection technology, and Mr. Stephane Thibault of Pinnacle Systems highlighted the trend of current server systems. During the Q&A session, audience was enthusiastic in raising questions before they had to adjourn to the Annual Dinner Party.

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