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SMPTE-HK Visit Shenzhen Station (21 January 2005)

On invitation, SMPTE Asia Pacific Governor K L Lam, Secretary/Treasurer Raymond Lai and Manager Percy Fung attended the First Technical Conference for Chinese Digital Film and Television Production and Reception organized by the China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (CSMPTE) in Boao, a resort on Hainan Island located in the southern part of China.
About 200 guests from major cities in China joined the two-day conference which was divided into three sessions: topical reports, topical speeches, and paper readings. There were a total of 17 presentations delivered by representatives from China Central Television (CCTV), film production companies, major technology companies and vendors. In his opening speech, Wang Lian of the Technology Bureau under the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television briefed audience on the latest developments of digital film and television in China. During the session of topical reports, Raymond Lai introduced the history, functions, operations, and vision and mission of SMPTE and its Hong Kong Section. Other reports delivered during this session included the Development of High Definition Production by CCTV, HD Planning by Sony, Advanced Digital Television Broadcasting Terrestrial Transmission System (ADTB-T) by Jiaotong University with demonstration of mobile reception, Digital Film Workflow by Hualong Film Digital Production Company, Digital Intermediate by Film Technology Research Institute, Innovation of Workflow in Digital Age by Panasonic, the Development Trend of Mobile Digital TV in China by Digital Video Technologies Co., and Post Production of Digital Film and TV by Quantel.
During the session of topical speeches, Guangzhou Strand Lighting introduced the Digital Lighting System of Shenzhen Television Centre. Beijing Founder Electronics Co., gave a brief on the Critical Technical Analysis of IPTV. Sony introduced Newest High Definition Technology. Newauto Video presented the Solution of Digital TV Program Platform. And Dayang outlined the Integration Solution of Digital TV Program Platform.
In the final paper readings session, Percy Fung, who also represented Digital Magic, presented a paper on the Technology of Digital Intermediate while representative of Jiaotong University focused on the Technique of Image Quality. The occasion has provided a good opportunity for both societies to develop a closer partnership and more technical exchanges are expected in the near future.

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