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Presentation at IVE
(18 May 2007)

SMPTE-HKG section and SMPTE Student (HKG chapter) have organized a joint presentation event tailored for IVE (Institution of Vocational Education) on 18th May 2007(Friday). The venue is IVE-Kung Tong’s presentation room (nr. 026); over 100 IVE students from related courses in area of Motion Picture, Television, and Multimedia, etc., gathered to attend the presentation which focuses on the current theme of technology evolutions on Motion Picture and Television.
The first part was presented by Mr. Percy Fung, a committee member of SMPTE-HKG. Percy, a veteran of D-Cinema in Hong Kong, described the current trend of digital evolution to Motion picture industry from image capture, digital intermediate through digital projection.
The second part of presentation was done by Mr. Peter Chu, also a committee member of SMPTE-HKG as well as a veteran in the Television transmission arena. Peter explained the merit of digital terrestrial television vs. analogue television broadcasting, the spectra situation of HKG terrestrial television as well as current time frame on the implementation of digital television in Hong Kong.
The third part of presentation was done by Mr. Raymond Lai, secretary of SMPTE-HKG. Raymond reported to the audience the history; background and objectives of SMPTE headquarter in USA since 1916. In addition, Raymond also showed audience the background and establishment of SMTPE-HKG chapter together with the past activities, seminars, workshops etc of SMPTE-HKG.
Lastly, Miss Joyce Lam, SMPTE student chapter’s chair person, had explained to the audience the background, short history of the student chapter in IVE and actively motivated students from IVE to consider joining the student chapter so that they could enjoy the knowledge, connection and seminars, etc. provided by the local chapter.
Report prepared by Tony Ngai, section Chair, SMPTE-HKG.
IVE Student Report

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