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SMPTE-HK 13th Anniversary
The D-Cinema--4K Solution and DTV--Mobile TV Broadcasting
(9 November 2007)

This November marked the 13th anniversary of the Hong Kong Section. In line with our anniversary seminar arrangement,“The D-Cinema--4K Solution and DTV--Mobile TV Broadcasting” was the title of this year’s event.
Dr. I Chih-Lin, Vice President and Group Director of Communications Technologies Group of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (, kicked off the seminar by a keynote speech on the overview of Digital Television (DTV) and mobile media trend. Mr. Kazuo Yamada, General Manager, FPD and CRT Engineering Department, Display Category, Victor Company of Japan, reported on the display trend and the advanced flat panel display technology for broadcasting. 
Mr. Makoto Yoshimura, Senior Staff Engineer, Innovative Imaging Unit, Core Technology Centre, Technology Development Division, Victor Company of Japan, introduced new technology of D-Cinema projection using the DILATM-LCOS Technology (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier), and demonstrated the projection using the DILA projector with image captured by a JVC’s 4K camera. Audience was impressed by the vivid picture quality.
Dr. Song Jian from Tsinghua University’s DTV Technical R & D Center in China presented the current proposed DMMB mobile media standard and its technical specs in detail.
Dr. Li Xu-Ming, Deputy Technology Director, Beijing Nufront Software Technology, introduced T-MMB, a proposed alternative mobile media standard in China.
Dr. Shen Qun, R & D Director of Communications Technologies of ASTRI elaborated on the implementation of DTV in Hong Kong, and the collaboration between Tsinghau University, local terrestrial broadcasters and test/measurement equipment manufacturers to develop the Compliance Test Plan for DTV set top box that will roll out by end of this year in Hong Kong as the DTV broadcasting will commence on 31st December 2007.
Finally, professor Oscar Au, Director, Multimedia Technology Research Centre of The Hong Kong University of Science andTechnology reported on the latest streaming media technology and application for mobile media in Hong Kong. Around 300 professionals from motion picture, television, telecom and related fields participated in the seminar and they werekeen to learn the latest developments of technologies in China and Hong Kong. The seminar was followed by the anniversary dinner with about 120 members and guests in attendance to enjoy the relaxing moment of anniversary gathering.
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