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S3D Workshop
(27-28 Sep 2010)

SMPTE-HK in collaboration with HKDI (Hong Kong Design Institute) had organized a two days “S3D HD Television Production Workshops” in HKDI’s brand new campus on 27th and 28th Sept 2010. More than 100 participants from television, film studio, independent production companies, post production houses, academic institutions, related system integrators, cinematographers, producers etc., attended such 2 days workshop. In addition, some participants came from Beijing, Guangzhou, Shandong, Kuala Lumpur to attend such workshop.
Mr. KL, Lam, Governor at large of SMPTE, started the workshop by Thanks to all the supporting organizations that made such workshop taking place with the limited resources of SMPTE-HK section, on top, he also thank to all participants who came to the workshop.
Mr. Henry Chung, senior member of HKSC (Hong Kong Society of Cinematographer) as well as famous Stereographer, started the workshop with power point presentation covering the long history of Stereoscopic film making as well as basic and important theory of S3D including the key elements of Inter-Ocular distance, convergence, parallax etc..with plenty of illustrations from his archive materials collected throughout decades.
The second speaker is Mr. Kazuya Eguchi, Manager-Asia/Oceania Export Sales Dept of Broadcasting Equipment Group/Image Communication Products Operations of Canon Inc, Japan.  His presentation is about Solutions for S3D HDTV Lens system including operation configuration, synchronized control of Zoom, focus etc.. On top, various illustrations of actual applications were shown.
The third speaker is Mr. Marco Sparmberg from Salon Films (HK) Ltd, and the title of presentation was “S3D Camera Rig, Fundamentals and Operation. Marco explained that S3D camera rig is one of the important tools in S3D image capture and explained in detail the various major makers of camera rig in the world and various different types of camera rigs currently offered. On top, illustration of usage of such camera rigs in world event, such as FIFA, was shown to the audience. Furthermore, Marco also explained other tools associated with the usage of S3D camera rigs such as Inter-Ocular calculator, S3D test chart etc..
Then, Mr. Calvin Ng, Product Marketing Section, Business and Professional Products Solutions Division-Sony Corporation of HK Ltd, further illustrated the complete S3D production system covering camera, Stereo Image processor(SIP) with latest 2D to 3D image conversion, production switcher, dual stream HDCAM SR recorder,  monitor, TV display etc.. In addition, Mr. Kojiro Kamizono, Senior Technical Manager, Application Planning and Market Dept., Planning and Marketing Div-Professional Solutions Group of Sony Corporation, Japan, also shared his international S3D production experience with the audience on world event such as FIFA world cup.
Thereon, the participants were divided into groups so to have hands on experience as much as possible in how to use the arrays of S3D production equipment supplied by Sony, Canon, Salon Films on site.
Day two was a S3D shooting exercise where participants together with HKDI colleague, Terence Wong/Nelson Szeto/Hui Ka Man, shot a short musical footage in and around HKDI utilizing theory, knowledge and equipment acquired. The S3D footage was sent to Digital Magic post production house who contributes  their expertise in S3D post work and intends to show the finished short film in the upcoming SMPTE-HK 16th Anniversary in 12th Nov 2010.
On top, questionnaires were sending to all participants to seek their feedback so as to improve for future workshop improvement.

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