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AVS development updates
and Progress Seminar​
(March 2011)

Prof GAO Wen from Beijing University presented his talk titled, "2G Video Coding Technology and Beyond​"
The Seminar held on 29 Mar at Hong Kong Design Institute, not only kicked off the activities of the year but it marked one of the events that could took place as early as in the 1st quarter. Nearly 80 people representing by the major TV broadcasters and video professionals in Hong Kong participated the meeting. SMPTE Governor-at-Large welcomed attendees and thanked supporter and sponsors which included National Engineering Laboratory for Video Technology (NELVT), Broadcom Corporation, Telairity Inc and Broadcast Technology Ltd.
The meeting featured a program of Seminar on “AVS Development Updates and Progress Seminar” as the first part and followed by a real time demonstration of AVS end-end solution for HD and 3D contents. Prof GAO Wen from Beijing University started the Seminar by presenting an in-depth talk in the coding standards, AVS 3D profile and their works in 3D video system. He first gave a detailed explanation of coding technique and history, he then described the AVS solution, products and the AVS video specification and processing for 3D. Prof GAO ended his talk by presenting their works in 2D-3D conversion study.
Mr LIANG Feng from Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC presented a report to describe the development and application policy of AVS in China. The Government encourages the technology development in various facets in order to uphold the intellectual property of the industry.
Mr Steve WANG and Mr Jim LEI from Telairity Inc. gave an introduction of the company, chip set technology and various products in AVS HD and 3D encoders respectively. Besides, others products such as MPEG2/H.264 had been introduced as well.
Mr ZHOU Bin from Broadcom Corporation then presented his talk titled “AVS 3D Video for Broadcasting”. He first introduced various 3D video formats, then the 3D video solutions for legacy AVS chips by Broadcom. Mr Zhou finally described the future-proofing AVS 3D video techniques in particular the AVS Multiview Profile.
Mr WANG Guozhong from AVS Industry Alliance presented his talk by four major sections. They were Government promotion, market demand, advantages of Bi-National standards and the industry application of AVS. The Government promotion involves Department such as Ministry of Industry & Information, National Development and Reform Commission and State Administration for Radio, Film and Television. The market demand comes from various means in reception which are fixed reception, portable reception and mobile reception. Mr WANG finally presented a brief report on comparison between AVS and MPEG2/H.264.
Mr Oscar Au from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was the only representative coming from Hong Kong. Mr Au started the presentation with Digital Rights Management and a brief introduction of three types of multimedia encryptions which are Pre-compression encryption, Post-compression encryption and Joint- compression encryption. He then focused his talk in the last one: Joint compression and encryption. He explained that this technique can be done via Huffman Coding, Arithmetic Coding and LZW Coding.
After the presentation described above, representation from NELVT, Mr WANG Ronggang held the real time AVS HD and 3D demonstration. It was shown by a simple real time encoding and decoding end to end system. The equipment included a content player, an encoder, a modulator and a set top box. Both HD and 3D content was transmitted and viewed by the SD LCD display. The result was very impressive to the audience in general.

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